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الشروط والاحكام

* Terms and conditions of purchase from Game Arena:

Dear customer, to organize the sale process, we hope that you read the following before completing the purchase process, as completing the purchase will be considered as agreeing to these terms:

First: show products

- The presentation and marketing of products on the site is in no way construed as a recommendation to suit the compatibility of any product with the customer’s desire and need. Therefore, the customer is responsible for making sure that the product fits his needs by looking at the information included on the page of each product, and in the identification pages, Understand them, and ask any questions, before completing your purchase.

Second: product warranty

1- The store guarantees all products for a period of 6 months against manufacturing defects, and this warranty is subject to the warranty terms mentioned on the “Warranty and Maintenance” page.

Third: processing, shipping and delivery

1- The customer must enter the name of the recipient and the delivery address correctly, and in the event of an error in the address or contact numbers, this may cause the shipment to be delayed or not delivered or to impose additional fees by the shipping company or the delivery representative. The delivery company may also request to see the ID to match the name of the recipient before delivering the order.

2- The expected time for the arrival of the goods is an estimated time, and we will do our best to receive your order as soon as possible, but the order may be delayed for reasons beyond the control of the store.

3- The customer’s request may be delayed for reasons related to the customer himself, such as his absence at the delivery site, his failure to respond to the delivery representative’s call, or his request to change the delivery address, and in such circumstances neither the store nor the delivery company is responsible for the delay.

4- The store may change the shipping company chosen by the customer without referring to the customer if the shipping is free, and it may also be changed if the freight is paid, provided that the store returns the difference in fees to the customer if the fees after the change are less.

5- Some orders such as wooden tables and chairs may need a processing period of about 3-4 days before shipment.

6- Delivery of all products takes 5-7 days from the date of receipt of the order by the shipping company.

Fourth: Return and exchange

1 - All merchandise sold is subject to return within seven (7) days of receipt (and within three (3) days for sales of offers and discounts), and the amount will be returned to the customer minus the fees (cancellation/modification/non-receipt) of the order shown below, if any. The merchandise must be unused and in its original condition and packaging, and the customer is responsible for returning delivery to the store, whether by shipment or by hand delivery in Jeddah. Returned products must arrive at the store, or be delivered to the courier company, within the above-mentioned period.

2- The amount of the refund shall be returned to the customer through a bank transfer within 7 working days after the store receives the returned product, in case the payment is upon receipt or by bank transfer. In the case of payment by mada or a credit card, the amount will be returned to the same card within the period specified by the card issuer.

3- This site is intended for retail orders for personal use only.

Fifth: Fees (cancellation/modification/non-receipt) of the application

The customer must send a request for modification or cancellation via WhatsApp Company 0570239714 and since the shipping, delivery and payment services are provided by other companies that do not represent the game yard in any way, fees may be charged as follows:

1- If the order was delivered to the shipping company before receiving the cancellation request, or if the customer did not receive the order for a reason related to him, and the shipping company returned the shipment to our warehouse and charged fees for the shipment and return, a fee of 45 riyals will be charged to be deducted from the amount returned to the customer .

2- In the event that the shipping is free, and the customer wishes to return part of the purchases, and the value of the non-returned purchases is less than 400 riyals, the usual shipping fees will be calculated according to the destination, deducted from the amount returned to the customer.

3- This fee will not be charged to the customer if the store is not charged by the shipping company.

4- The customer acknowledges that if he chooses to pay upon receipt, and does not receive the order, the mentioned fees remain with him, and must be transferred to one of the store’s bank accounts.

Sixth: Warranty and Maintenance

The terms and conditions below apply to products that are not covered by the agent’s warranty only. As for the products covered by the agent’s warranty, the conditions of the agent himself apply to them, and the customer’s reference is to the product agent when maintenance is due on the warranty.

Game Arena Store | TOYS YARD All new products sold through the store are directly against manufacturing defects and for a period of 6 months from the date of purchase. In the event of a malfunction covered by the warranty, the store will take any of the following actions immediately:

1- Repair the device through the store.

2- The product is repaired through a maintenance center visited by the customer and approved by the store, and the store will bear the repair costs, provided that the repair invoice is printed from the maintenance center.

3- Sending a maintenance representative to repair the damage in your place with all costs.

3- Replace the damaged product with a new one that is identical or similar to the specifications of the damaged product.

The warranty does not cover malfunctions caused by the following:

- Malfunctions that occurred due to misuse of the product, or due to use that does not comply with the instructions.

- Malfunctions that occurred due to the wrong transportation of wooden products or others, which led to their damage.

- Malfunctions that occurred due to not taking care of the product properly, such as exposing the tables to direct sunlight.

Using the device for non-domestic purposes (eg, commercial use).

- Malfunctions that occurred due to an accident that has nothing to do with manufacturing quality.

- Malfunctions that occurred due to the use of products not recommended, or incompatible with the product, such as cleaning tables with substances that affect the coating and its quality.