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Motorcycle 400 CC in attractive yellow color

National Day Discount

13,349 SAR 14,000 SAR

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400 cc motorcycle from the company

bike power or power sport

Specifications for 400cc

▪️ One year warranty on the machine or 2000KM

▪️Customs card to extract the plate and the form

▪️2 keys and a remote control for remote operation

▪️ Electronic speedometer 200 km / h

▪️Actual speed of 160 km/h

▪️ From 0 to 100 km in 10 seconds

▪️ Number of horses 19

▪️8300 cycles

▪️Machine with Japanese technology

▪️All models 2021

▪️ Stability on the road

▪️Excellent and strong torque

▪️ Advance Run

▪️Remote start

▪️ normal gear 6 tigers

▪️ water cooling (radiator)

▪️Brake brakes front and rear

▪️Electronic drums

▪️ gas meter

▪️ Front lens lights and LED lights

▪️ LED side lights

▪️ LED tail lights

▪️ Tax on us


* Sport wear

* Helmet

*****Spare parts available*****

✔️ Delivery within Jeddah city✔️

✔️ The possibility of shipping to all regions of the Kingdom without the presence of the buyer

Available banks:

(Transfer to the account of the Bike Force Foundation for Motorcycles)

Al Rajhi

Al Ahly

The island


the first


13,349 SAR 14,000 SAR
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