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Road bike #white and blue

Original Shimano gear

891 SAR 990 SAR

The product needs to be installed

Specifications of the best-selling upgraded road bike:

- bike size 26

17 inch steel frame

- Material is Steel

The number of gears is 21 (7 rear and 3 front)

Weight 13-14 kg

Aid: There is no aid

Brake type: front and rear discs

- Type of aluminum suits

Excellent quality medical seat

Original Japanese Shimano transmission

- Number of gifts 14

When you order a bike, you get 14 free gifts:

* Helmet * Mobile holder * Front flashlight, charger and not battery * Rear flashlight, charger and not battery * Double bag * Gloves * Anti-theft lock * Front and rear fenders * Manual air blower * Water bottle holder * Lighting installed in the cover of the cover several keys * A cloth to save kit *bell

We also remind him that the gearbox is from Shimano brand, 100% original Japanese

Shimano (500-7, Front Derailleur TZ30 & Rear Derailleur TZ 50

*Excellent quality medical seat

891 SAR 990 SAR
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