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Upgraded package (upgraded table + upgraded chair) from toys yard

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1,716 SAR 2,034 SAR

Sold Out 11 Time

Developed table:


Depth 60cm - Depth with corner 113cm

Width 160cm

Height 75cm

*Large and generous sizes

*Play comfortably at the table

* Possibility to place 3 screens and more on the table with comfort

*2 mousepads as a gift

*2 wire entrances

*LED adhesive tape

*PC Stand

* keyboard holder


Attractive carbon fiber surface

* Iron thickness is 2.2mm and can bear 300 kilos safely

* The ability to move the keyboard holder in and out


Developed chair:

* swivel chair

The possibility of returning the seat back 180 to the back

*Tekaya two hands 4D moving in four directions (right, left, up, down, forward and backward, and rounding the chair and outside)

* Double Foam Sponge

* Footrest

*The thickness of the iron is 1.9mm, and it can bear 200 kilos safely

The product needs to be installed

1,716 SAR 2,034 SAR
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9 months ago

مته تتوفر الكميه؟


مؤسسة ساحة اللعبة TOYS YARD

9 months ago

أهلا عزيزي العميل
خلال يومان

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